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Special delivery to Kadavu

More than 520 people on Kadavu island are enjoying the use of new, locally made latrines this month thanks to Field Ready.

The latrines are a groundbreaking design that will allow for easier installation and transportation developed by Field Ready in collaboration with UNICEF, regional sanitation agencies and manufacturers. In addition to improving sanitation, the latrines are cheaper, quicker to install and easier to clean than the cement toilets they replaced, noted Luke Johnston, Field Ready’s Pacific region innovation lead.

Earlier this year the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services ordered 1,000 of our latrines, which we designed based on feedback from Fiji users. We delivered the first 10 latrines to residents in Soa Village over the summer.

We then delivered nearly 150 latrines to 11 villages on Kadavu via boat earlier this fall, and the reception has been very enthusiastic.

"There were many families that we were able to serve, but the support from each village was amazing " said Jean Matthias, Field Ready's Fiji operations manager, who helped deliver and install the latrines to each of the Kadavu villages.

Matthias was joined by Krishneel Singh, one of our field engineers, and two staff members from Fiji MOHMS to help train village residents and install the latrines. Two members of Fiji's Royal Military Force also helped the training and installation crew with transport logistics.

Kadavu villages that received the latrines include Drue, Mokoisa, Muanisolo, Naikorokoro, Nalotu, Namalata, Natakolau, Nauciwai, Navuatu, Ravitaku and Yaikita.

We're looking forward to delivering more latrines to Fijian villages later this month!

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