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What sets Field Ready apart?

Field Ready is unique in the following five (5) ways:

We're Humanitarian

We have a deep passion for helping people in the most difficult places on earth.


We have the knowledge and experience to follow established standards and practices. We are driven to follow the highest ethical standards.

We have a special team

We prize teamwork, share ownership and rely on our diversity.


Our team combines aid workers and technologists who are experts in their fields who have a huge range of perspectives, qualifications and experiences.

We know technology

We were founded to bring the right technologies to international aid.

We use appropriate technology where needed and exponential technology, not just today but as it becomes available in the future.


We're innovative

We identify and solve problems in areas that others don’t dare.


We use design thinking and other methods to derive unique solutions.

We value partnership

We don’t “go it alone,” instead we work within the system to effect change. We have a diverse and growing list of partners.


Our thought leadership is shared through presentations, training, workshops, publications and mentoring others.

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