The Syrian civil war is now in its sixth year. It is without a doubt the humanitarian catastrophe of our time. Nearly 14 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. At least six and a half million internally displaced people and five million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries. Approximately 400,000 people have been killed. 
Field Ready has been working to address life-saving needs inside Syria as well as meeting under-served needs of Syrian refugees in surrounding countries.
One specific need we're addressing is the challenge of expensive and hard to obtain search and rescue equipment. To lift heavy debris of collapsed buildings, specialist equipment is needed. Lifting airbags are available to well-supplied search and rescue teams worldwide but these are prohibitively expensive. Field Ready has created a means to make these locally in a way that meets international standards at a 90% reduction in cost – an incredible amount to save lives. This product was first used to rescue civilians in March 2017 and eight lives were saved in the first six months.
Other areas include agricultural equipment (including hydroponic systems to help people obtain the right nutritional balance in besieged areas where farms and markets are closed or disrupted), medical supplies, communications devices and responsive shelter materials. 
Field Ready also trains engineers and makers in design and manufacturing techniques both inside Syria and among the refugee population. This includes a training of trainers (ToT) approach that enables a greater reach of the material and equipping a maker lab through the non-profit group, Kudra.
This project provides a means to reach populations that are truly in need, supporting them to lead their own aid, and providing skills and capabilities for the future, to take control of their own recovery.
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