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Our Approach

Field Ready, a multi-national group of non-governmental organizations, employs the latest best practices and advanced thinking from the field of relief and development, human-centered design, engineering and various forms of making and manufacturing. While keeping in mind the context and realities on the ground, we generally adhere to the following five-step process. This describes 'how' we work. More about 'what' we do can be found under 'where' we work and here.

We take extra care in understanding the situation and those we work with. In the process, we develop deep understanding and empathy that allows us to work toward practical and sustainable solutions together. 


Using an iterative process, we take into consideration both technology and how people can benefit from its proper use. We work closely with end-users where they live and work to ensure viable impact. 

We quickly deploy experienced people and the right technology so that genuine needs can be met regardless of the sector or challenge faced. We possess the capacity to meet unique needs and then take that to scale. 

Timely distribution is the essential element of an effective supply chain and this represents one of our key advantages. We not only share the items we fix and make but also the knowledge that has been used through long experience. We do this through training and other capacity-building measures. 

By pioneering our approach, we have been able to set an example for others to follow. We do so with humility and with partnership in mind. For this reason, contributing to improving our field is a key indicator of our success.

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