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COVID-19 Response

The novel coronavirus has had a significant impact on the United States. In response, Field Ready is partnering with several partners to distribute locally made personal protection equipment (PPE) to help supply frontline personnel and at-risk individuals with much-needed face shields in under-supplied hospitals, clinics and communities. This programming has been made possible by the Elizabeth Louise Smith Fund of the Chicago Community Trust.


One partner is COVID-19 Shields, founded by architect and fabrication shop owner Alex Pandijiris, which makes, sells and delivers face shields. In collaboration with several other Los Angeles-area fabrication shops, COVID-19 Shields has produced and delivered some 15,000 shields to facilities in 26 states and Canada since it was founded in March 2020. Together, Field Ready and COVID-19 Shields have already produced and is delivering nearly 5,000 face shields to various groups in need include the Navajo Nation in Arizona. 

Another partner is JoinInChicago, founded by Jackie Moore, on the city’s South Side. There, Field Ready has donated face shields and is helping to support a special initiative whereby community members use a custom mask design based on CDC recommendations optimized for rapid production. The masks are made at distributed locations allowing the makers to sew them while they safely shelter in place. The masks are collected at hubs for sanitation, quality control and packaging for distribution. Community members are also supported with access to equipment, productivity tools, training and stipends.

A third initiative helps those with little resources to make their own face shields and masks. The community support program provides workable designs, advice and, when needed, additional resources including small grants. This will enable basic PPE to get more where they are needed.

To read more about these initiatives please click here and here.

To partner with Field Ready in making face masks, please email: info [at]  

To request a discounted or donated face shield, please click here.

The danger of disasters from tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes are ever-present - the U.S .averages 22 disasters per year. While resilience and the ability to respond are strong, there are nonetheless events that lend themselves to the approach developed by Field Ready.  We are currently working with several partners to build the capacity to respond to an event using a mobile unit that can quickly respond to need and at the same time train others and tap into local capacities. 

Our previous activities include response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 and assistance to migrant children in 2014, please click here for more information.

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