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To accomplish our mission, Field Ready is composed of unique and innovative people who have the highest standards of integrity, hard work and resilience. Our focus is on making a difference under challenging circumstances so we’d rather have a strong small team than a large mediocre one.   

Interested? We're looking for experienced professionals who not only align with our values, but also want to make a difference, develop and inspire others, drive innovative ideas and deliver results. Before applying, ask yourself:


   1. Do you have a deep passion for helping others?  And do you have the drive and commitment to do so sustainably?

   2. Are you a team player and have a sense of humor?

   3. Have you mastered a set of knowledge and skills, whether engineering, making, design, project management or administration?

   4. Can you thrive working with diverse people and problems?

   5. Are you a person who doesn’t say “I should’ve…”?




We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Thank you to everyone who has recently applied to other positions. We are reviewing these applications now and will contact short-listed candidates soon. 

Rapid Emergency Deployment Team  

Field Ready maintains an emergency response capacity in case of rapid-onset disasters. This team is made up of multi-talented and highly dedicated people who are ready to deploy to a disaster zone in as little as 72 hours. This gives us the ability to 'surge' our staffing when there is acute need (i.e., this gives us 'bench strength' when there is high demand). Team members undergo a rigorous selection and orientation process. We increase and update this team on roughly an annual basis.  Please watch this space for future announcements.


Volunteering for Field Ready requires the same level of passion, drive, and commitment as full-time staff. There are several ways to volunteer for Field Ready. 


1. Joining Humanitarian Makers, contributing and helping to solve design challenges


2. Interning: Opportunities are open on a case-by-case basis 


3. Volunteering: currently no vacancies



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Field Ready is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. We aim to meet humanitarian need by transforming logistics through technology, innovative design and engaging people in new ways. We do this by working with a variety of partners and helping to build people's resilience. We are a charity registered in a number of countries. In the US, as a 501c3, gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.   

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