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Support Nepal's COVID-19 Response

Working with Nepal's local manufacturers and makers, Field Ready is supporting Nepal's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through our partners ProTech Nepal, we are working to ensure that quality PPE (goggles and face shields) reaches frontline healthcare workers across Nepal.

Making a difference by donating to help provide workers with PPE is easy! Simply follow the "Donate" link below; if you wish to use payment methods other than PayPal, please visit this page.

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Field Ready's connection to Nepal began when our team first responded to the region's dual catastrophic earthquakes in 2015. Working with several partners including World Vision Nepal, we helped to develop the Nepal Innovation Lab in Kathmandu to help increase the capacity for digital manufacturing agencies, local maker spaces and local entrepreneurs.


The focus of our work in Nepal has been on manufacturing humanitarian aid items locally to specifications and standards desired by aid agencies. Field Ready and our local partners have led the development of the 3D printing and digital manufacturing sector in Nepal producing designs, products, training programs and trained digital innovators for Nepal's budding digital manufacturing sector.

In the last few years we've established innovative initiatives in the region, from training and design challenges to hydroponic growing. We implemented Frontier Technologies 3D-printing projects, as well as World Vision-supported projects to deliver locally made search-and-rescue equipment. 

Currently Field Ready are working with manufacturing and humanitarian partners to respond to the COVID19 emergency to make PPE to protect health workers. In the future Field Ready will be supporting Nepal's first FabLab development and further training and support for the local manufacturing sector. 

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