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What We Do

We're all about impact in the field. Our time there gives us a personal view of what it's like to help solve people's problems with them on the ground. Whether a young refugee innovator, a mother who's sparked an idea for improving the lives of children, a hardworking inventor, or one of our team members, their stories are worth sharing.

Connecting Skill, Passion and People
Profile of Julia Jenjezwa, Field Ready engineer in the USVI
Restoring Power after the Hurricanes
Progress in the USVI hurricanes response
Making Life Saving Equipment in Syria
Interview with Usamah and Hamada, Field Ready engineers in Northern Syria
Innovating aid in Nepal
Photo essay from our early work in Nepal
South Sudan's potential
Photo essay following a recent assessment
Ideas that sparked Field Ready
Eric James shares stories that led to the creation of Field Ready
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