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Field Ready Videos

TED Talk

"Ingenious solution for aid..."

How To

Repair a damaged solar panel

How To

Make a water filter

MSNBC covers our work in Nepal

Abi Bush highlights implementing humanitarian innovation

Nepal Project Overview

Highlights of our project in Nepal

Engineering for Change

"If we can't buy it, we make it" webinar recording


Dara Dotz talks about her experiences

Nepal Presentation

Abi Bush briefs MSF (Doctors Without Borders) about our approach

RedR-UK Part 1

Andrew Lamb describes key ideas

Partnerships: A critical element

Groups we work with and love

3D Printing in Haiti

Highlights from our project in Haiti

RedR-UK Part 2

Andrew Lamb continues

SLUSH Conference

" the edge of disaster"

Overview Presentation

Dara Dotz and Laura James discuss our work at the SU accelerator program

Hurricane Response Presentation

Hurricane Response in the USVI

Field Ready Concept Video

See the ideas that launched Field Ready

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