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From Interns to Innovators in the Pacific

Field Ready internships empower young emerging engineers to make a tangible impact in their communities through technical innovations.

Internships serve as the bridge between academic knowledge and real-world experience, offering young talents the opportunity to grow, learn, and contribute to meaningful projects.

Here we share the inspiring stories of two of our Interns-turned-Field Engineers, Amena and Marisilina,

who have journeyed through Field Ready's program, honing their skills, pushing boundaries, and creating solutions that address critical needs in their communities.

Amena's Journey

Amena, a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate hailing from Verata Village, Bau Tailevu, embarked on his internship journey with Field Ready. He has a burning desire to learn and make a difference. His internship spanned the spectrum of product development: from designing and creating items to sourcing materials and bringing those designs to life. Amena quickly found himself immersed in a practical, hands-on environment that fueled his passion.

"The practical work of Field Ready is very interesting to me," Amena explains, highlighting how the working environment at Field Ready resonated with his aspirations. "Having the opportunity to do product designing with feedback from local people, I have learnt how Field Ready's low-tech innovations are developed to have the greatest possible positive impact on local communities."

During his internship, Amena acquired essential skills related to product creation and design, allowing him to see beyond textbooks and apply his knowledge in real-world scenarios. He credits Field Ready for instilling qualities like adaptability, creativity, teamwork and taking ownership of his work, shaping him into a professional engineer.

Amena’s advice for young people aspiring to follow in his footsteps is: "Recognize and accept criticism in all its forms. Take advantage of your inexperience to spur original thought and creative methods of solving problems."

One of Amena's most notable contributions during his internship was the design of "The Liso (Liquid Soap) Casing." This innovative solution emerged from a pressing issue identified in schools around Viti Levu – the frequent disappearance of liquid soaps due to theft and overuse in student toilets.

The Liso Casing is a simple yet effective solution that addresses this problem. It provides a secure casing for liquid soaps offered in stores, making them less susceptible to theft and ensuring they last longer. This product underwent multiple iterations, with feedback from schools playing a crucial role in its development.

Marisilina's Journey

Marisilina's journey with Field Ready began as an intern, and she has since transitioned into a full-time Field Engineer. Over the course of her year-long internship, she gained valuable fieldwork experience, particularly in community engagement. In a male-dominated sector, Marisilina's journey hasn't been without its challenges. She's quick to emphasize that she doesn't let gender define her capabilities.

"Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do," Marisilina asserts, highlighting her unwavering determination to chart her own path. "It's your story, and no one else will live the life you've chosen."

Marisilina stresses the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people and constantly striving for self-improvement. Her future goals include securing a stable job, settling down, and continuing her journey with Field Ready. She remains open to seizing the opportunities that life may present along the way.

Her favorite aspect of her job? Supporting people with Field Ready's low-tech WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) solutions, which bring smiles to beneficiaries' faces. Marisilina is passionate about giving back to communities and appreciates the impact her work has on those in need. As a go-getter, she aspires to learn from her mentors, expand her knowledge, and eventually pass on her expertise to others.

One of Marisilina's most impactful projects during her role with Field Ready was the development of the SanPad Dispenser. This innovative product addresses a crucial issue – menstrual hygiene management in schools.

The SanPad Dispenser is a thoughtful solution designed to ensure that girls in schools have easy access to sanitary pads. Menstrual hygiene is a fundamental aspect of girls' well-being and education, and ensuring their access to sanitary products can make a significant difference in their lives.

The dispenser is not only user-friendly but also hygienic, providing a convenient and discreet way for girls to access sanitary pads. By deploying this innovative solution in several schools in the Suva area, Marisilina has not only improved the quality of life for countless young girls but also contributed to breaking the taboos surrounding menstrual health.

Field Ready's Internship Program is a testament to the transformative power of hands-on learning and the potential for young engineers to drive change. Amena and Marisilina's stories reflect our program's commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and empowering individuals to make a lasting impact on their communities.

As Field Ready continues to shape the engineers of tomorrow, it is clear that the future holds even more inspiring success stories waiting to unfold.

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