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Proudly Restoring Healthcare in NW Syria!

Our dedicated team is making a significant impact by restoring numerous broken medical devices back into service! But that's not all - we're going the extra mile by empowering healthcare professionals with vital knowledge.

Hands-on Trainings & Instructions/guidance: Our team is conducting hands-on trainings for healthcare staff, equipping them with the skills to use medical devices effectively and prevent future misusage.

Empowering Technical Staff: We're also training technical staff on diagnosing and fixing basic breakdowns, ensuring a seamless healthcare delivery system.

This project is funded by the H2H Network’s H2H Fund, supported by Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and UK aid from the British People .

The project is part of a support package of freely accessible services addressing critical gaps in the response provided by nine H2H agencies.

Through our tireless efforts, we're striving to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality in NW Syria.

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