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First Innovation Business Center Launched in NW Syria!

Field Ready has successfully launched the first Innovation Business Center in Northwest Syria. The Business center will specifically emphasize revolutionizing agriculture, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), and other sectors related to humanitarian aid in the area!

Our primary objective is to discover alternative and localized solutions to the challenges encountered by these industries and diminish reliance on imports.

Through utilizing technological resources and developing prototypes, our unwavering commitment is to convert ideas into opportunities for income generation.

This initiative intends to bolster livelihoods, create employment prospects, and actively contribute to the restoration of agriculture and WASH sectors.

We eagerly anticipate sharing updates about our Innovation Lab, a space dedicated to incubating and fostering groundbreaking ideas.

Field Ready has been working in NW Syria for over a decade now, and we have been empowering local communities to create sustainable solutions through innovation and entrepreneurship.

This Innovation Business Center, the first one of its kind in NW Syria, will encourage local manufacturing of critical solutions that will revolutionize agriculture, WASH, and other sectors related to humanitarian aid in this area!

We believe local innovations directly targeted to NW Syria's challenges can benefit the entire ecosystem and make the world a better place. As an NGO, Field Ready Türkiye is part of the global movement to change and to make what is needed locally by local makers and innovators.

Stay connected for the latest developments!....


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