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Pacific Mobile Makerspace is opening soon.....

Over a decade ago, Field Ready was getting started and was brimming with new ideas and innovative concepts. We're proud to say that many have been successfully implemented. However, the idea of a remote manufacturing unit or Mobile Makerspace required a mix of resources, local skills, and fit. Now we can say that this is being done too.

Field Ready, with support from USAID - Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, is developing a Mobile Makerspace as part of the Rapid Response Manufacturing in the Pacific region. This mobile workshop with field toolkits is equipped with equipment such as a rainwater guttering-making machine, 3D Printers, and electrical and hand tools in detachable storage cabinets. It has a generator and solar power units. The disaster response teams use the Mobile Makerspace for technical or hands-on work in the field.

The Mobile Makerspace is very portable and can be towed by an SUV for long distances to access remote communities and partner entities during disaster response and recovery. This innovation will enable rapid and effective repair manufacturing in the Pacific region.

The Mobile Makerspace is planned for deployment in June 2023.


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