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We believe that by making useful things, we can make the world a better place. We manufacture supplies locally in the field so that people have what they need, where and when they need it. The impact of this is more people helped - better, faster and cheaper.
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
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Medical Supplies


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Search & Rescue
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Risk Reduction
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Field Ready in Action

The Mobile Makerspace was created to serve as a portable workshop with all the necessary equipment and supplies for performing repairs to damaged buildings and water and sanitation systems following a natural disaster. It contains hand tools, power tools and specialised machines such as 3D printers and a form-rolling guttering machine for repairs to rainwater harvesting systems. It has both a generator and solar power supply. We designed it by first doing an analysis of the mobile makerspace's functionality requirements to be most effective in remote locations for disaster repairs, based on input from front line response partners like the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and the Red Cross. Using the 3D CAD software SolidWorks, our technical team then designed the space for optimal layout for the needed features.  As this Mobile Makerspace is the first of its kind in the Pacific and needs to perform in challenging island environments, our engineering team did a thorough structural and space efficiency analysis utilising Finite Element method, to ensure the most useful functionality, use of space and robustness was achieved.  The first Mobile Makerspace field deployment was to a village in Fiji with water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) needs as identified by the Ministry of Health. Nabila Village is situated in the district of Nadroga on Viti Levu's coral coast with 94 households and about 500 people.  Field Ready dispatched members of our technical team to Nabila, together with the district health inspector, to carry out a thorough WASH needs assessment with homeowners, the village headman, and other community leaders. They identified that some homes lacked toilets, the village's water tank was damaged, and parts of the piping systems were damaged or broken and not working properly. Our team then procured the materials required and on August 8th the team returned with the Mobile Makerspace. Over 2 weeks they installed our locally manufactured Field Ready latrines and their shelters, produced and fitted rainwater guttering to roofs, repaired water tanks and pipe fittings, and installed handwashing stations. This field test enabled our engineers to check the Mobile Makerspace's functionality in a real-life environment and pinpoint areas that still need improvement or adjustment. Its capacity to travel through challenging terrain like steep hills and bumpy gravel roads was also put to the test.  After the deployment, the team participated in a "lessons learned" workshop to review areas that can be improved on the Mobile Makerspace and the tools and equipment on board, as well as the procedures and documentation required for deployment. By the end of October, Field Ready intends to deploy the Mobile Makerspace to two more Fijian communities using the lessons it has learned. 
 The Mobile Makerspace's performance was a huge success. It was very efficient and effective for the deployed crew to utilise the Mobile Makerspace in the field, and the unit performed its primary mission very well.  As a result of the successful field mission, now a family of five with three young children no longer must go to the neighbours' facilities, because they now have their own toilet with shelter, and a rainwater collection system. Because the community tank is no longer leaking and burst pipes no longer wasting water, the village has better water security and the risk of disease spread by mosquitoes is decreased. With the installation of the Group Hand Washing Station, the community hall now has access to more water points for hand washing, reducing risk of spreading disease at gatherings. A locked sanitary pad dispenser and a liquid soap dispenser have been added to the nurses' station.  The residents of Nabila Village expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the team, and wholeheartedly agree that Field Ready’s new Mobile Makerspace is a powerful and effective way to solve and repair problems that reduce suffering aid recovery and increase resilience. #Fiji #Pacific #Localization #MobileMakerspace

From Blueprint to Impact: Pacific Mobile Makerspace

The Mobile Makerspace was created to serve as a portable workshop with all the necessary equipment and supplies for performing repairs to...

Field Ready Pacific’s Rapid Response Team recently deployed to Nabila village in Fiji for the initial field test of our first Mobile Makerspace unit in the Pacific! This is a workshop on wheels equipped with machines, power tools, and equipment - all the essentials for localizing disaster response! This is designed and made by Field Ready here in Fiji. Our team consisted of our Field Engineers, a Disaster Operations Manager, and a Program Manager. This team made water and sanitation improvements, and repaired works on location for two weeks. Specifically, this included household toilet installations, rainwater guttering manufacture and installation, water tank repairs, plumbing repairs and even made 3D printed pipe fittings on the field, a first for Fiji! The team also installed new toilets and hygiene facilities in the village hall and nursing station. This deployment was a high-level achievement for Field Ready, not only successfully making and deploying this first Mobile Makerspace but we also had the exciting honor to demonstrate it in action during the visit  of USAID’s highest executive, Administrator Samantha Power  and her team to Fiji. Field Ready appreciates the generous assistance and funding support of USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance ( BHA ) to make this work possible. Our team experienced both tough and enjoyable times, learning from each other and sharing skills. The mission was very successful, with the Mobile makerspace performing to our highest expectations, and most importantly making a positive impact on the lives of the Nabila village community improving their water, sanitation and hygiene to help them be more resilient to future disasters. #Fiji #Pacific #Localization #MobileMakerspace #FieldReady #USAID #BHA

First Pacific Mobile Makerspace in Action!

Field Ready Pacific’s Rapid Response Team recently deployed to Nabila village in Fiji for the initial field test of our first Mobile...

Our dedicated team is making a significant impact by restoring numerous broken medical devices back into service! But that's not all - we're going the extra mile by empowering healthcare professionals with vital knowledge. Hands-on Trainings & Instructions/guidance: Our team is conducting hands-on trainings for healthcare staff, equipping them with the skills to use medical devices effectively and prevent future misusage. Empowering Technical Staff: We're also training technical staff on diagnosing and fixing basic breakdowns, ensuring a seamless healthcare delivery system. This project is funded by the H2H Network’s H2H Fund, supported by Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and UK aid from the British People . The project is part of a support package of freely accessible services addressing critical gaps in the response provided by nine H2H agencies. Through our tireless efforts, we're striving to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality in NW Syria.  #H2H #UKaid #AidWorks #H2HinAction

Proudly Restoring Healthcare in NW Syria!

Our dedicated team is making a significant impact by restoring numerous broken medical devices back into service! But that's not all -...


Humanitarian Making

Solving tough challenges, sharing information and learning are best done when people are connected. Field Ready supports the group, Humanitarian Makers, which is achieving things no single person or group can. 

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Our parts Catalog provides essential details for 100+ useful products. This user-friendly Catalog enables technology specialists and non-specialists to talk about the same items and consider issues such as readiness and risks.


Field Ready Book

This new book covers the essentials of humanitarian innovation. With contributions from over two dozen leaders in the field, including Field Ready's Executive Director, Dr. Eric James, this sets a new standard on how to make real change.

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