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7% Administrative

 + 5% Fundraising

88% Programs

Field Ready spends the vast majority of our funds directly on areas of need while meeting the highest standards of accountability.

Field Ready's Capabilities

We believe that by making useful things, we can make the world a better place. We manufacture supplies in the field so that people have what they need, where and when they need it. The impact of this is more people helped - faster, cheaper and better. 
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Field Ready in Action

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Dealing with border closures, lockdowns or orders to shelter-in-place or stay at home have been hard for everyone while COVID-19 threatens us globally and ra...

Knowledge sharing during the COVID-19 response

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As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, prevention and preparedness are key. Our first specific product in response to the pandemic is a hands-fre...

COVID-19 Preparation in Nepal

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Field Ready is preparing to ramp up our response. Our first priority has been safeguarding our staff and those we assist. Back in January, we posted a blog a...

Field Ready's Strategy and Response to COVID-19

Solving tough challenges, sharing information and learning are best done when people are connected. Field Ready supports the group, Humanitarian Makers, which is achieving things no single person or group can. 

Learn how Field Ready is making a difference around the globe and creating a new pathway for aid in the future. Watch comments from staff, partners and others who have witnessed our impact.

This new book covers the essentials of humanitarian innovation. With contributions from over two dozen leaders in the field, including Field Ready's Executive Director, Dr. Eric James, this sets a new standard on how to make real change.

Humanitarian Makerspace

Innovating Aid

Field Ready Book

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Field Ready is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. We aim to meet humanitarian need by transforming logistics through technology, innovative design and engaging people in new ways. We do this by working with a variety of partners and helping to build people's resilience. We are a charity registered in a number of countries. In the US, as a 501c3, gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.   

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