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Our Humanitarian Of The Year

Field Ready has named Ravin Rizgar its Humanitarian of the Year. Rizgar, Field Ready’s Iraq program lead, is being recognized for her extraordinary leadership as the agency helps Iraqis rebuild their knowledge base, establish disaster prevention and expand local economic development during a challenging pandemic year.

The Humanitarian of the Year Award is given to an individual whose passion and commitment has greatly improved the lives of others who are affected by unsolved grand challenges. The award recognizes otherwise-unsung individuals who personify Field Ready’s values and work tirelessly to help other people.

Created by Field Ready’s Board and now in its fourth year, the award was established to recognize humanitarians in practice and to acknowledge lesser-recognized humanitarians who make a genuine impact. The award is open to Field Ready staff - as well as partners and others - who are advancing our unique global vision. “Our Humanitarian of the Year Award goes to those who truly demonstrate the vision and impact our founders have set out in transforming international aid for the better,” said Field Ready Board Chair Conrad Nowak.

Rizgar embodies that vision and the best of what the award is all about. As our Iraq program lead, she has ably managed activities across the country while based in the northern town of Erbil. During the past year, Rizgar displayed remarkable commitment to Field Ready’s projects and focused her wide-ranging talent on improving life for Iraqis.

”Ravin is a quiet do-er,” said Field Ready Executive Director Eric James, Ph.D., the organization’s co-founder. “She goes about her work in a humble way, always consistent and thoughtful. Everyone recognizes her hard work and dedication to helping others. She displays leadership and abilities beyond her years.”

Rizgar was instrumental to successfully implementing Field Ready’s Iraq project, which provides unique assistance preparing for and responding to disasters in that country while supporting the Iraqi Tech Ecosystem and improving employment prospects for youth there.

In addition to helping set up two of our partner makerspaces in Iraq, Rizgar has helped train and instruct hundreds of young people in digital fabrication and technology, as well as disaster prevention; engage in community building; helped spotlight the needs of differently abled populations and participated in numerous humanitarian initiatives while implementing new programs for the organization. More can be found here.

“Ravin is an inspiration to those around her and serves as a role model for people everywhere,” James said.

Rizgar credited her co-workers for their commitment to the Iraq project and said their dedicated, side-by-side work is what makes their efforts successful.

"This award is something so special to me, and to my team," she said. "Everyone on my team deserves this. It's because of the work we do together - I'm receiving this for all of them. Everything we do is teamwork."

Individuals, institutions and governments that support and contribute to the humanitarian cause should take a look at this year‘s recipient. As with previous winners, Rizgar is the embodiment of commitment in action.

Field Ready’s staff, leadership and Board of Directors are truly honored to recognize her accomplishments.


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