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Field Ready in Iraq

Field Ready has been working at scale in Iraq since early 2019 to support the Iraqi Tech Ecosystem and improve employment prospects for Iraqi youth through innovative makerspace development.
Different areas of the country face many humanitarian, reconstruction and stabilization challenges. Youth unemployment and a lack of economic opportunities are major drivers of instability. 
Field Ready is currently supporting youth-focused makerspace development throughout Iraq. Makerspaces are collaborative spaces where learning and skills development lead to making and fabricating products. This, in turn, results in entrepreneurship and improved job prospects, as well as activities that directly contribute to peace-building and stabilization.
With the ever-changing global humanitarian context and increasing focus on local solutions for local problems, now is the time to nurture internal talent and create a supportive environment that contributes to Iraq's innovation eco-system and future.

Building local makerspace capacity for Iraq

Through innovative training and capacity-building programs focused on the makerspace ecosystem, Field Ready aims to improve Iraqi youths' stability and economic prospects.

Currently Field Ready is:
  • Equipping and setting up two new makerspaces (in Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah), 
  • Training and mentoring qualified staff members across Iraq to effectively support both new makerspaces
  • Supporting the operation of three existing makerspaces (in Mosul, Erbil and Baghdad)
  • Delivering technical assistance and implementing training programs such as workshops, summer schools, community spaces, events and consulting services

Building strong foundations for Iraqi youths' future

Field Ready's work through 2020 and into 2021 will continue to develop the makerspace models, skills and network while dealing with the new global operating environment in the wake of COVID-19.


The spaces will be autonomous but form part of a network of expertise and inspiration shared between spaces in Iraq and globally. Together they will give young makers the ability to turn their ideas into a physical reality, in turn boosting employment and self-employment opportunities and expanding small businesses.

Field Ready can meaningfully contribute to Iraq's manufacturing resilience through maker training and facilities development. This approach has already paid dividends for Iraq's communities preparing for and responding to COVID-19. 

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