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Getting Ready To Launch

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

You might have seen projects we hosted last year in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq. An exhibit of the groundbreaking "Nobody's Listening" virtual reality experience that raises awareness of the Yazidi genocide in Sinjar, an earthquake-resistant design workshop. And perhaps you thought we were simply visiting a new area of Iraq with our trainings and programs.

But what we've been very busy doing there these past months is much more permanent - we're readying our newest partner makerspace, Suli Innovation House (SIH). We're very proud to say it's almost ready to formally launch as the third member space of Field Ready's Iraq team.

In addition to its makerspace, Suli Innovation House's more than 2,500 square feet will include a co-working space, a training room, a crafts room, a kitchen, a storage room and a meeting room. The SIH team spent much of November and December installing equipment and setting up the space - although they've already held a soft skills training online in the Basics of Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking and and have held their first in-person technical training on 2D Design on the in-house laser cutter.

The team's focus right now is finishing the space and "we hope to launch in January and we probably will have a small opening celebration - but that is yet to be discussed" as they're still working on the interior, noted community manager Roza Shorish Said.

When completed, SIH will offer trainings, networking and other events in both English and Kurdish whenever possible, said Shorish Said.

"We try to offer all topics in Kurdish at some point so those who don't speak English can benefit too," she said. "Many of our youth are very capable but do not speak English, and they should have the same opportunities to be offered trainings and advancement."

The trainings in the two languages might not be offered concurrently, she said, although staff will try to schedule the classes closely so trainers can be available to all students.

The team is waiting for a few more pieces of technical equipment to be delivered before SIH's formal opening date on Feb. 5. When they do launch, we'll be bringing you lots more details, photos and a close-up look at Field Ready's newest partner and its cutting-edge makerspace!



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