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Breaking new ground in Baghdad

After much work and collaboration, our partner IoT Maker Space in Baghdad has opened!

Along with the founding IoT Maker Space team members, the opening-day celebration included representatives of Iraq's Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; representatives of several Iraqi companies; representatives from donor Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and German Consul Stephanie Hochheim.

At the launch, the eight IoT Maker Space team members hosted about 20 people, serving up coffee and animated conversation. After welcoming speeches and visiting with attendees, the group held discussions about youth development ideas and project support. They also talked about ways to create opportunities for medium and small businesses that they hope will lead to more jobs for young people.

"They really expressed their happiness at the importance of IoT Maker Space as it is a community platform that brings together workers and those interested in the field of technology, owners of small companies and students," said Field Ready's Sara Abdulateef, who is also an IOT Maker Space team member.

In addition to representatives from GIZ and the United Nations Development Programme, representatives from Zain Iraq, The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Al Muhamoon Al-mutahidoon legal consultants attended the event. Following smaller group discussions, attendees held an open discussion to share their experience, opinions and advice with the team members.

Several attendees even tried out the hand-welded "juice bicycles," pedaling their way to a delicious, blended snack as others admired the sleek office renovation and dynamic artwork crafted by team members.

And the team has already welcomed five start-ups to the co-working space, reflecting the enthusiasm Baghdad entrepreneurs are showing for the new venture.

For more pictures of the event, please see here and here.

We're looking forward to some amazing work and programs at IoT Maker Space - and we'll keep you updated.


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