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First Pacific Mobile Makerspace in Action!

Field Ready Pacific’s Rapid Response Team recently deployed to Nabila village in Fiji for the initial field test of our first Mobile Makerspace unit in the Pacific! This is a workshop on wheels equipped with machines, power tools, and equipment - all the essentials for localizing disaster response! This is designed and made by Field Ready here in Fiji.

Our team consisted of our Field Engineers, a Disaster Operations Manager, and a Program Manager. This team made water and sanitation improvements, and repaired works on location for two weeks. Specifically, this included household toilet installations, rainwater guttering manufacture and installation, water tank repairs, plumbing repairs and even made 3D printed pipe fittings on the field, a first for Fiji! The team also installed new toilets and hygiene facilities in the village hall and nursing station.

This deployment was a high-level achievement for Field Ready, not only successfully making and deploying this first Mobile Makerspace but we also had the exciting honor to demonstrate it in action during the visit of USAID’s highest executive, Administrator Samantha Power and her team to Fiji. Field Ready appreciates the generous assistance and funding support of USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) to make this work possible.

Our team experienced both tough and enjoyable times, learning from each other and sharing skills. The mission was very successful, with the Mobile makerspace performing to our highest expectations, and most importantly making a positive impact on the lives of the Nabila village community improving their water, sanitation and hygiene to help them be more resilient to future disasters.


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