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Big Things Happening in the Philippines

Manila Maker Faire 2019

On 22nd and 23rd June, Field Ready’s maker extraordinaire in the Philippines, Charles Barrete, attended Manila’s third Maker Faire, which was bigger and better than ever. The Faire, branded ‘The Greatest Show-and-Tell on Earth’ took place in the capital of the Philippines and was hosted by the unique Mind Museum.

The Manila Mini Maker Faire (MMMF) is a gathering of enthusiastic, curious and creative individuals who enjoy learning and sharing what they do. The makers gathering aim to discover and engage with creative and radical innovations from makers from all over the Philippines and Asia.

The products on show ranged from prototype or artisanal craft products to food and beverages, student projects, green technology and urban farming initiatives, all the way to larger, established organizations showing fully functional items already on the market. There were a noticeable number of Makers Participating that were working on innovations for social impact.

From L to R: Tekpak, F.O.G and PRP4IWI

Tekpak provides a sustainable renewable response to power communications, lighting, medical and other energy needs. The F.O.G. (Filter on the Go) is a student project that filters water through activated charcoal to eliminate visual sediments and then uses UV Light to kill bacteria to produce clean and potable water. And then PRP4IWI (Plastic Recycling Project for Improving Women’s Income) reinvents waste plastic bags into plastic sheets that can be used as a raw material for various products. Even with Maker Media’s (the organization that licenses Maker Faires) unfortunate decision to lay off its staff and pause all operations due to its financial troubles, the overwhelming support of the maker community lives on through independently organized Maker Faire events around the world. A total of 150 DIY Makers participated in the MMMF 2019, 50% more than last year’s total. The event itself has received huge interest from the public having a significantly increased number of visitors over previous years. On the basis of increased interest, the Manila Mini Maker Faire is planning to branch out to the other two larger island groups of the Philippines – Visayas and Mindanao. And with the increasing interest organizers are considering a future bigger event that could close a street near the Mind Museum to accommodate more Makers.

Charles writes in summary - The Maker Movement thrives with the community, and looking at it as far as social innovation is concerned, I feel like makers with such mindsets are increasing in number in the years to come!

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