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Interview: Iraq Technical Advisor

Reuf (pictured left) is the Technical Advisor to our Iraq project. He is originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia. So he is intimately familiar with the realities of modern conflict, the process of reconstruction and what it takes to locally make solutions using partnership, ingenuity, technological know-how and hard work.

Reuf has extensive experience in making, engineering and training based in part on having his own company, HIVE Creative Agency, where he is a 3D print lab owner and instructor. Prior to his work in the 3D printing industry, he worked as a supply specialist for international peacekeeping forces and than as a supply analyst.

As a Technical Advisor, one of his main roles is to help establish the Mosul Space and improve on their skills and help with healthcare facility repairs.

Reuf has previously helped with medical repairs, but he was specifically drawn to this project because of the extensive damage to Mosul. Having lived through the war in Bosnia, he wanted to help local health facilities by training the local population to become more equipped to respond to a range of issues.

When asked why he wanted to work for Field Ready, he said “I know what it is like during the war and this type of support is more than welcome because people in such situations are missing the basics. Making things locally makes life easier, especially something being repaired that helps people suffering.”

While there are many exciting aspects to the project in Iraq, when asked what excites him most, he said, "what excites me the most is the young engineers working so hard and making a big impact. Many of them learned through the internet and are incredibly devoted to learning new things. Even though I teach them new skills, I find that they have taught me by giving me a new perspective. I know how hard it can be in war, and I want to show them the way to build a better future."

Reuf expressed the positive impact the space has already had in the city, especially after the occupation. With much of the social life and opportunities missing, Mosul Space has served as a place for young people to find community, share ideas and make things that are valuable.

Stay tuned to hear more about our project in Iraq!

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