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Latrine Project in Fiji

When disasters occur, WASH supplies are desperately needed. In particular, adequate latrines are often unavailable. In Fiji, Field Ready is working with UNICEF and Habitat for Humanity to develop a portable latrine that can be distributed quickly and efficiently.

Current emergency latrines are heavy and difficult to transport. They are often squat style which is preferential in Fiji and much of the Pacific Region. As a result, open defecation can become a problem, thus our new design will be a sitting style.

Here are some examples of what we may model the design after:

The latrine features a slab, a riser/seat and a tank. We are also looking into the possibility of a composting solution. The latrines are intended to be used as a low-cost option for people who do not have latrines in the household, defined as something better than a pit.

In Fiji, around 15% of people do not have proper latrines. In surrounding countries such as the Solomon Islands, far fewer people have access to latrines. Our aim is to start production by September and have them ready by the start of tropical cyclone season in November.

Watch this space to learn more!

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