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Medical Repairs in Syria

In Syria, our senior engineer Usamah has been repairing various medical equipment for damaged hospitals. Some of the items he has repaired include dermojet needles and V.A.C devices. He was able to assist them and make a new sealant for the dermojet from PTFE material, and repaired the V.A.C devises by replacing pumps.

Most recently, Usamah has been working in a hospital where airstrikes have rendered much of the equipment unusable. The hospital is build under 16 feet of solid rock, and was one of the remaining places of hope for citizens in the area in need of urgent medical attention.

One of the items from this location that Usamah recently repaired was a bone drilling machine. These machines are used by surgeons who need to drill holes through the bone and are often used in orthopedics. Recently, the spring on the drill broke, so Usamah repaired the spring and the machine was able to be used again. The machines cost at least 2,000 dollars, but the repairs were only around 200.

The NGO Caritas is replicating our work in Iraq and repairing damaged medical supplies locally. We are keen to see other organizations adopting our work, ultimately resulting in more people helped.

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