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Repairing items in Hospitals in Syria

Usamah, a Field Ready colleague resides in Idlib province and has been working diligently to serve those in need in the surrounding area. Many have died from the increased bombings and hospitals and attacks on hospitals has increased. Reports by aid agencies stated that the maternity hospital was hit by airstrikes three times in four days.

The situation is dire, and people desperately need medical attention. In besieged areas, this poses as a major challenge, especially when hospitals are lacking medical supplies, have damaged equipment and are in constant danger of an attack.

Usamah has been working in an undisclosed hospital, trying to repair some of the damage from a recent attack. Having visited many of the hospitals and health centers, he received a list from the hospitals with items broken such as ultrasound and MRI machines, which require professionals to fix.

However, there were items that he was able to repair, such as dermojet needles and some V.A.C devices. He was able to assist them and make a new sealant for the dermojet from PTFE material, and repaired the V.A.C devises by replacing pumps.

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