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Update on Hydroponics in Syria

The situation in Idlib is dire. With widespread attacks on civilians, hospital’s targeted for bombings and mass displacement, the people in Syria need urgent help. While our airbags are being used by responders to rescue people from the rubble, we are looking to expand this initiative as well as others.

One of the projects we are still working on is the hydroponics kit. We previously shared about our hydroponics trial in Syria, which produced eggplant and peppers. This has been a very beneficial project since many of the people in Syria face food insecurity, this has proven as a way to provide nutritious food in low-resource settings.

Usamah recently made a small green house and planted seeds in two different containers to determined which was the most effective. One batch was planted in the hydroponics set-up we developed and the other using an imported solution.

Parsley, watercress, spinach, red lettuce, beans and peas were planted. While it is too early to determine the yield, about a month it appears everything is growing as it should be. Usamah reported that so far it is growing better than the tradition method of growing things in the ground. Growing plants locally is much more affordable than importing them, it is less than 7% of the cost of imported produce.

Usamah has also begun working on a new "dome house" using fiber glass. After much research, he determined that the double layers provided with thermal isolate material between them and provides the best controlled environment.

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