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Innovative School Insulation Project in Nepal

Field Ready is working with the International Lincoln School in Nepal to create an innovative insulation project. After a presentation at the Nepal Innovation Lab, Field Ready started a dialogue with staff from the Lincoln School, who are developing an innovation and design thinking-based course for seniors.

Field Ready ran a workshop for 15 students and 3 staff on design thinking in the humanitarian sector. Lincoln School is one of Nepal's best respected private schools offering students an international standard of education in Nepal. The Lincoln school is a multicultural community with faculty and students from over thirty countries.

After the workshop, the design-thinking class began a student led project called ‘Project Impact’, which aims to target waste recycling in the school to make a positive social impact for Nepal. This group has collected and delivered over 20kgs of plastic bottles (around 1000 bottles) to help Field Ready develop a suite of technologies using plastic waste including roofing and wall insulation, building materials and draft proofing.

Some of these technologies are entirely novel and will be proof of principle for other low-cost plastic insulation solutions so important to have positive benefits for student attendance and health in rural schools. Field Ready is working with World Vision Nepal and World Vision Hong Kong to deploy these insulation solutions to the pilot school, in Ramkot central Nepal, before the coldest part of winter sets in.

If this project is successful, Field Ready and our supporters at Lincoln School will be working hard over the next year to prepare for more insulation projects and refining the low-cost recycled plastic insulation products that could have a positive impact for students, jobs and the local environment. We are eager to be working with the student body at Lincoln to make positive changes in their community and inspire the next generation of makers and humanitarians.

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