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Making a Water Pump Cap in South Sudan

Field Ready recently assessed an area of South Sudan. This was undertaken with our partner Water for South Sudan, who’s main initiative is providing adequate drinking water through drilling and maintaining wells. Their work is invaluable because the need for water is immense, and the risks when obtaining water in South Sudan are greater than most.

In order for these wells to be drilled, there is a need for sizable amounts of water in order to run the digging equipment properly. This water is brought in via tanks that are pumped at open water sources such as rivers and lakes. A major issue that Water for South Sudan encountered was a small pressurized cap bursting off the pump and getting lost in the body of water. Without the cap, drilling is not possible and operations cease.

This part is manufactured in the US, and the process to obtain replacement parts such as the cap is extremely lengthy. This would also halt the process of drilling wells which is something they cannot afford.

Field Ready designed a new cap on the spot that features the existing performance capability, with the addition of a handle on top. This small attachment point can be tied to secure the cap from getting lost. This version is far better than the original manufactured version, and is far more difficult to lose or break!

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