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Deployment in South Sudan

In order to strengthen capacity and respond immediately to the needs of our beneficiaries when a crisis occurs, Field Ready created the Rapid Emergency Deployment (RED) Team in 2016. This enable Field Ready to have a 'surge' capacity to to respond to rapid onset emergencies and support countries programs where Field Ready has an urgent need.

Field Ready is now scaling its approach whilst being able to respond to emergency humanitarian need where there is little prior notice (as little as 72 hours). Examples include cyclone response in the Asia-Pacific region and refugee assistance in the Middle East, our approach allows us to work in most contexts.

Our team draws from unique skill sets and merge making training and innovation tailored to humanitarian backgrounds. These deployments differ from traditional deployments as our RED Team is highly skilled in making, can facilitate training, perform needs and market assessments and are able to facilitate training, among possessing international experience and compressive grasp of the English language and local language competencies.

We are pragmatic in where we decide to deploy, but there is no pre-determined list as a new disaster can take place we are prepared to work in numerous contexts. We do not have a geographical focus, and closely monitor a number of sources that track humanitarian needs and disasters. For instance, ACAPS categorizes the top crisis based on a number of criteria which we also reference.

Our RED Team recently embarked on the first deployment in South Sudan which is among one of the highest needs of humanitarian assistance. An assessment and training were completed during this deployment and served as a beneficial learning experience for further deployments. Our team designed water pipe fittings and assisted a local NGO, Water for South Sudan and facilitated a training. Andrew Lamb, Innovation Advisor speaks to the ways the RED Team will amplify Field Ready’s Work,

"Field Ready has the capability to respond to humanitarian needs in crisis situations as fast as possible," explains Andrew Lamb, an Innovation Advisor for Field Ready.

"RED Team members are some of the leaders in the field of the innovations in which we work," Andrew continues, "We are able to deliver relief efforts in a unique way. In many ways, the purist idea of bringing exponential technologies and innovation into the field of humanitarian work is fundamental to the idea behind Field Ready.”

We are seeking people to join our RED Team who are highly skilled and with extensive experience with a specific interest to expand our roster for the Pacific Region and other potential deployments.

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