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World Creativity and Innovation Day 21 April

The United Nations designated 21 April as World Creativity and Innovation Day to raise awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development.

Field Ready’s focus on locally manufactured Innovations for relief items has been the most sustainable approach for timely response to affected vulnerable populations. This approach requires Field Ready to sidestep the reliance on complex traditional international supply chains and empower local manufacturers to make humanitarian supplies right in the field instead.

Field Ready has supported local production of everything from medical device repairs to WASH items, PPE, feminine hygiene supplies, rescue equipment, locally mass-produced buckets, latrine slabs, and even a robotic firefighter.

The local communities can access high-tech applications, such as three-dimensional (3D) printing, and well innovation hubs and maker spaces.

Local production also uses low-tech solutions that are environmentally friendly, such as producing goods from recycled and local materials like plastic waste that is available and affordable locally.

Innovation is about changing the approaches to work, Eric James, the founder and CEO of Field Ready Organisation, said.

"For Field Ready, "aid" doesn't start and stop with disaster and conflict. If there's a humanitarian need, Field Ready is interested in finding a locally made and sustainable solution - whether that means helping rural communities in the Pacific region find innovative ways to tackle hygiene and sanitation issues or training people in digital manufacturing and design or health education."

Field Ready continues to push the boundaries of what's possible with disaster aid, local manufacturing, and post-conflict/post-disaster development.

Check out the Field Ready innovations below.

Humanitarian Innovations contribute to better and more efficient ways to manage relief challenges. We encourage collaborations within and beyond the humanitarian community through Innovation hubs, maker spaces, and open-source designing.

Field Ready continues to innovate scalable solutions to respond to and, more importantly, prevent humanitarian crises. Innovation has been the backbone of all our developments since our inception. We acknowledge all the different partners that we partner with to develop Innovative solutions.

The humanitarian crises we face today are complex, and one has to consider the political, social, economic, and environmental aspects when designing relief solutions.

Field Read Organisation Joins the world today to Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day.

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