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Reducing risk in Fiji

While the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, other illnesses still pose a dangerous challenge. And in the South Pacific, waterborne diseases are a constant risk.

Field Ready team members recently traveled to Nasogovau Village, Tailevu province in Fiji to help residents there improve their sanitation and reduce disease risk. A total of 17 new pit latrines were installed, each using a locally made latrine slab riser designed by Field Ready.

The village has been flagged by the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services as one of the rural areas with the highest risk for Typhoid. Typhoid risk rises following severe tropical storms such as cyclones; two Category 5 cyclones - Harold and Yasa - have already hit the region in the last 12 months. Typhoid is most easily spread via contaminated water. Flooding after storms can further push bacteria from the contaminated water into fresh water sources.

Village residents turned out to help move and install the latrines. Our Fiji operations manager, Jean Matthias, and field engineer Laisa Meo trained the residents and lead the installation of the 17 latrines. The new latrines will serve the Nasogoivau families, helping prevent outbreaks of disease.

"This will help keep the village healthy," Matthias said.


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