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Making it better

More than 600 people in rural Fiji are now enjoying improved sanitation thanks to our latrine installation campaign!

Our team in Fiji spent the end of March and April distributing and installing 110 latrines in 20 villages and settlements, including a school. Some 20 residents were trained by Field Ready staff and helped with the local installations, said Jean Matthias, our Fiji operations manager.

The latrines were targeted for villages and settlements that lacked sanitation facilities and those that are still suffering the effects of Tropical Cyclone Yasa, Matthias said, as well as those areas where the risk of typhoid is severe. The locally made latrines have been designed by Field Ready with Fijian input specifically to meet South Pacific sanitation needs.

While transport and delivery of items between islands in Fiji often involves travel by boat, delivering the latrines to some of the rural locations required some longer-than-usual treks. Some of the locations were very remote, and staff had to navigate a few narrow foot bridges, rocky beaches and long hikes to get the latrines to their final destinations.

The installations took place in Taraqiloqilo Settlement, Naqamekaka Settlement, Naduna Settlement, Yaro Village, Nakama, Ligau Village, Waimala Settlement, Wailevu Tiri, Galoa Village, Galoa Island Primary School, Yaqaga Village and Daku Village.

Installations also took place in Kia Island, Visoqo Village, Naleba Village, Delaivadra Village, Druadrua Island, Salevukoso Village, Druadrua Island, Kavewa Village, Vakativa Village, Valeni Village and Keka Village.

More installations to other areas will take place over the next few months, Mathias said. We'll update you on the program's progress!


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