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Disrupting The Cold: Waste For Warmth

In Syria, millions of people live in more than 1,500 camps for displaced people. The shelters they live in are flimsy tents with little protection from the cold.

During the last year, Field Ready has been working to improve the situation. We have been working to find ways to use upcycled plastic, in Polyfloss machines, to help keep tented housing warmer. Our partners in this effort include Engineers Without Borders Norway, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent’s Shelter Research Unit and The Polyfloss Factory.

We believe we've found a solution - and are building prototypes in a workshop in Gaziantep, Turkey now to test in the Syrian camps this winter.

Check out this video we've made to show how #WasteForWarmth takes waste plastic from refugee camps, turns it into warmer shelter...and creates jobs. This is how we're disrupting shelter winterization with our partners.


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