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Delivering Dignity

Making critical items when and where people need them is what Field Ready does.

People will always need medical and other devices, sanitation and hygiene supplies and water buckets and filters during a crisis. We're proud to be able to fill critical gaps.

But helping people maintain or reclaim their sense of dignity during challenging times is every bit as important as meeting their physical needs. This is why our Fiji team has spent the last months making and delivering 500 privacy screens for the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services to distribute to hospitals, clinics and schools, working through a searing COVID-19 outbreak to get them done and help patients feel comfortable when they seek care.

Fiji was one of the world's most severe COVID-19 hotspots over the last several months as the Delta variant hit the nation hard. Despite that, Field Ready's dedicated staff in our Suva workshop spent much of July and August masked up, continually washing their hands and social distancing every day to stay safe while building the needed privacy screens.

The large, blue screens are fitted with wheels so they can be arranged with ease. They can be stacked and packed flat to transport or store them, then easily unfolded to stand between beds or tables in a clinical setting.

After we delivered the screens last week, Fiji MoHMS began distributing them to clinics and schools in communities that are still recovering from last year's cyclones. The teams delivered 100 screens to Nadroga and Navosa, 20 screens to FMF Dome, four to Raiwaqu Health Center and 20 to Navua Rampur School.

The remaining privacy screens will be distributed in the coming weeks, officials said.

Above, our staff on a well-deserved break before delivering some of the completed screens. "Building 500 privacy screens and delivering them during this pandemic took dedication and flexibility - as well as some long hours in our Suva workshop," noted Luke Johnston, Field Ready's Pacific Region lead. "We're really proud of their work and grateful for their diligence in the face of the health challenges brought by the pandemic."


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