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Presenting at the Aid Forum Global Summit

Field Ready's Executive Director, Dr. Eric James, was one of 50 speakers at the AIDF Global Summit today in Washington, DC, where he presented about the organization's work. He then answered questions on a panel facilitated by Mike O'Brien, Health Technical Director at Relief International, and Rob Ryan-Silva, Lab Manager at Development Alternatives, Inc. focused on digital innovation.

Attended by roughly 350 people, the event brought together the leaders in the relief and development field with a focus on "Accelerating the SDG's through Digital Innovations." As the AIDF describes it:

As the The AIDF Global Summit strives to enable quicker and better response during crises and catastrophes by improving effectiveness, cost-efficiency and sustainability of aid operations. 2019’s programme expanded its scope beyond disaster relief and looked into emerging global challenges, innovations and opportunities in the international aid and development sector. It also continued to focus on best practice in humanitarian logistics, emergency communication, supply chain, procurement, partnerships and financing of aid programmes. The agenda was developed in consultation with World Bank, UN OCHA, Red Cross, USAID, World Vision and UNOPS.

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