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Drucker Prize - an amazing opportunity

“Be courageous with your answers and dream big!” This is the advice we got from The Drucker Institute, the organization founded to take forward the important work of Peter Drucker, one of the 20th century's most influential business thinkers.

Field Ready have been lucky enough to be selected as one of the 50 Semi-finalists selected for Round 2 of The Drucker Prize application process. There is a great synergy between the core operating principles of Field Ready and the principles of effectiveness, simplification and human centred design that Peter Drucker outlined in the extensive works that he left behind. The Drucker Institute makes his works and other resources available for non-profits, like Field Ready, to focus their mission, develop more effective leadership practices and improve their processes to have more impact for the communities we work with. Field Ready is very much aligned with the Drucker approach to effective humanitarian management and have more knowledge and insight to gain by working with the institution.

Drucker is widely known as the 'father of management', and for good reason, his analysis and thought leadership in business process and practice has a lasting effect to this day and ideas that he developed (especially around effective management, decentralization and innovation practice) are central to business best-practice today.

Peter Drucker saw great parallels with the business world and that of the non-profit sector. So much so that he developed a set of management principles from his work in business specifically for the non-profit sector. These principles have helped organizations like the Salvation Army, American Heart Association and even the Girl Guides, to improve their practices and increase their effectiveness in the service of others. We hope that Field Ready will further benefit from the support of the Drucker Institute and plan for further engagement with the institute and ideas that have helped so many already. Peter Drucker, Field Ready salutes you!

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