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Another successful emergency response training

Field Ready has demonstrated its approach to transforming humanitarian aid in places as diverse as remote island communities to those deeply affected by conflict and forced displacement.

To remain our level of preparedness, we maintain an emergency response capacity. When there is a large-scale disaster and a need for the approach developed by Field Ready, we can deploy in as little as 72 hours to meet immediate need. “This team provides an edge for meeting needs in a unique way,” explains Dr. Eric James, Field Ready’s Executive Director.

Members of this team has undergone a rigorous assessment and selection process. They were selected for their international experience, ability to work in a tight team and for their deep passion for our humanitarian mission. Together, they possess a unique set of multidisciplinary skills including assessments, logistics, design, engineering and manufacturing. Crucially, they also have a keen understanding of the standards and practices used in international humanitarian response.

Recently, Field Ready staff took part in training put on by the University of Minnesota (several members of Field Ready’s board also attended). The Humanitarian Crisis Simulation was founded in 2011 and is a collaborative program led by faculty in the University of Minnesota’s Center for Global Health. The experience immerses participants in an environment typical of humanitarian crises. The course incorporates standards such as the Sphere Project and the Core Humanitarian Standard as a framework for material covered in the simulation. As can be seen in the photos, it was a cold and wet but fun experience!

Similar training was held in October 2018 in Australia and more training intakes are planned in the future.

Anytime there’s a disaster, Field Ready is prepared.

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