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Humanitarian of the Year Award

Field Ready is honored to announce that Mr. Usamah Shamma, Field Ready's team leader in Syria, is the inaugural winner. Without a doubt he embodies the very best of what this award is all about. During the past year, Usamah has displayed extraordinary commitment, unusual talent and extreme resilience in facing a multitude of risks in creating life-saving things in Syria.

For the individuals, institutions and governments that support and contribute to the humanitarian cause, take a long proud look at this year ‘s recipient. He is the embodiment and proof of their commitment in action. The staff, leadership and Board of Directors of Field Ready are truly honored to recognize his accomplishments.”

"His work is amazing. People say good things can’t happen in Syria, but he and his team prove them wrong.”

-Eric James, Field Ready Executive Director

“Our Humanitarian of the Year award goes to those who truly demonstrate the vision and impact our founders have set out in transforming international aid for better.”

-Conrad Nowak, Field Ready Board Member

Usamah was instrumental in successfully implementing Field Ready’s project which creates life-saving devices used in search and rescue, firefighting and other situations where people at immediate risk. More can be found here and here. Dr. James added, “He is not only a credit to this organization and those around him but to humanity everywhere.”

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