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Bhutan Assessment

In November, Field Ready's Andrew Lamb, Ben Britton and Ram Chandra Thapa went on an action assessment in Bhutan. The trip's aim was to get a strong sense of the capabilities and opportunities to support these on-the-ground and to share Field Ready's approach through training and demonstrations.

Bhutan is a small Himalayan country in South Asia, sandwiched between India and China. The country has less than a million people. It is widely known for its Gross National Happiness Index.

Our team was invited on behalf of FabLab Bhutan. The Royal Bhutan Government’s Ministry of Labour and Human Resources and the FabLab plans to move into schools and support over 10,000 young learners to develop their design and making skills over the next few years.

The country is also looking to increase their disaster response initiatives. While on the assessment, Field Ready facilitated a number of workshops and met with a number of government officials and potential donors. Some of the other activities that took place include, facilitating a 3DP workshop for disaster preparedness, leading workshops with teachers and students and visiting the College of Science and Technology. Field Ready is actively looking at how we can further support this.

Overall, it was a successful assessment and we are excited to see Field Ready reach new places.

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