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Round two of the Start Program

The Kudra Start Program, which works with entrepreneurs from Syria and the host community to enable them with tools in order to succeed is now in the second round of the workshop. There are 18 participants in total, 11 men and 7 women.

The recent round began in August with the core training having ended in late September. Some of the main topics covered include, design thinking, business models; covering planning and strategy and every participant made his business model canvas, finance, marketing, and presentation skills.

Many of the participants had prior business and prototype ideas but wanted to find ways to bring their ideas to the market. These fundamental lessons equip participants to learn tangible skills to help bring their ideas to fruition.

Here are some of the ideas and products in development:

Cultural Arabic cafe shop: Helping Turkish and others foreigners to know Syrian's culture and people better and closer

E-Platform Learning: Specialized in teaching handicapped persons

Smart bed: Convert the mattress that includes heating and cooling system with vibrate alarm system"

Smartpen: Developing a smartpen to teach English and Turkish

Drone Tech: Food delivery with drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) Tech Classes: Games and toys to teach math and converts curriculum to e-curriculum Reminder App: Reminds users when they are close to the markets they want to buy family stuff relying on GPS

Check this space to see how these ideas are progressing!

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