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Firefighting Machine in Syria

Our team in Syria has been developing some incredibly innovative projects during the past few months, one of them being an improved machine to fight fires. Hazardous materials, the danger of collapsing structures and intense burns present life-threatening situations to firefighters and rescue teams.

The rescue teams in Syria contacted Field Ready's team leader, Usamah, to have him look at the existing machine used for firefighting. There were major improvements needed to be made so Usamah and Hamada (a Field Ready engineer) set out to find a better solution. A chief concern has been keeping firefighters a safe distance from fires.

Here are a couple photos of the machine they created using using locally available parts. This includes a ‘truck’ for the firefighter. The machine goes near the fire and sprays it with water or foam to keep it from spreading.

This machine is imperative because it keeps the responders from the further danger of being harmed from the flames. For this part of the machine, Usamah and Hamada modified and added motors to make it stronger and modified the remote-control switch.

One of the other elements they further developed was the gears for the water launcher which is installed to the truck. They needed to make a stronger gear and also adjust the speed since it was too fast. Initially the gears were made using ABS, but it wasn’t strong enough, so we they used PTFE instead.

We are keen to see this new and improved devise used in a rescue operation.

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