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Kudra Start Program: Meet the Participants

The Start Program had many impressive participants, we are going to highlight a few of them. Many displaced people are smart, educated and have the know-how, but lack opportunities to bring their ideas to fruition. We are thrilled to have been a part of the program and help these young innovators bring their ideas to the next level.

Housam Halimeh is a 26-year-old from Latakia, Syria. Housam had an interest in developing toy and hobby sets which are soft, safe, handmade and customized to develop each child’s unique skills. When asked about what interested him in participating he said, “I joined the Start Program to improve my entrepreneurial skills, craft my business concept, and network to get funding.” His idea was received well on pitch day, the time when each of the participants presented their project. With the program's mentorship and access to equipment, he is well on his way to obtaining funding to bring his idea to scale. One of the main take-aways from the program has been a new way of thinking and further developing entrepreneurial skills.

Here are more of the Bambola toy creations!

The next person we are highlighting is Sirin Alpaslan, a 31-year old from Syria. With a background in pharmacy and a passion for nature, she wanted to create a line of natural handmade bath and body products.

Prior to her enrollment in the Start program, she faced challenges because she had no formal training in product development despite her knowledge in natural remedies. While she was working on this project on a small-scale, she desired to bring to the next level and create a sustainable income.“The Start program was the opportunity for me to organize and arrange my project,” said Sirin. The next steps Sirin is working towards is obtaining licensing for her products. The Start program helped her study market research and launch several new products. She is now working towards marketing the products that were further developed during the project. She adds that, “At the end of the program, I had a clear and accurate vision of my idea and how to transfer it to a successful business.”

We are proud of all of the participants for taking the steps to learn new skills and develop products that have the potential to serve as income generators. Congratulations on the completion of the program!

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