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Training People with Disabilities in Jordan

Field Ready has a new livelihood program for people with disabilities in Jordan. This is done in partnership with the Italian NGO Un Ponte Per. Jordan is a particularly challenging country for people with disabilities. The infrastructure is rarely accessible, and the sidewalks are particularly high making it difficult for people to get around.

Our program is to train people with disabilities to make mobility aids. Some of the items they will make include; ramps, removable desks, handrails and many other items. There are twelve participants in the program, ten of which are originally from Idlib, Syria.

In previous weeks we instructed participants about safety and basic training on the equipment. This past week has been the first practical trainings where we began to delve into product development. The participants were divided into four groups, each group working once a week. The first group began working on the wheelchair parts and coming up with improved designs. Once they agreed on a design they divided the project so each had a specific area to work on and all were active and engaged.

This program will not only help people with disabilities to be able to develop and create the items they need, it will also serve as a livelihood opportunity. Many of the participants became disabled due to the war and this program is giving them their confidence back and the agency to create a better future and learn new skills.

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