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Additive International Conference

Field Ready was recently invited to speak at Additive International (formerly known as the International Conference on Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing) in Nottingham, UK.

The event took place from July 10-12 and brought together academic and industry experts. This year there were 19 speakers and numerous exhibitors from various sectors.

The conference served as an opportunity for us to learn from others working across various sectors in additive manufacturing and share how we are using these technologies to reduce human suffering.

Abi Bush, Technical Advisor attended on behalf of Field Ready. Abi presented on local manufacturing for humanitarian aid. The feedback for her presentation was very positive. In reflection, Abi said: "It was great to share some of the unique things Field Ready is doing."

Other presentations that stood out were by Abby Juhl from the Airforce Research Lab, who spoke on additive manufacturing for flex hybrid electronics. Lijuan Zhang, shared about the National Institute of Additive Manufacturing (NIIAMC), which is is one of the first batch of 15 manufacturing innovation institutes supported by 'Made in China 2025', a ten-year national plan focusing on comprehensively upgrading Chinese industry.

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