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The Future of Hurricanes in the Atlantic

It is the beginning of the season for hurricanes in the Atlantic, and after last season’s volume of hurricanes people are left wondering what will happen this year and whether or not people are prepared. Last year’s hurricane season marked the seventh (7th) most active since 1851, with six (6) major hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Field Ready responded to the hurricanes in the USVI, which you can read more about here. The number of hurricanes last year was staggering, with devastation in a number of places from Houston to the Caribbean. Projections show that hurricanes will be more frequent than last year, posing a challenge to those who are still recovering from the damage. According to the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Labratory (GFDL) the impact of climate change will lead to rising sea levels, increasing rainfall, tropical cyclone intensity rates and greater destruction potential per storm.

Given the projectsions for hurricanes and cyclones, there are new reforms being made to disaster recovery, through the Disaster Recovery Reform Act (DRRA). The reforms are intended to help actors better respond and prepare to disasters, with a particular focus on enhancing funding for disaster resilience. We hope that these reforms will help build upon people’s resilience and allow for proper precautions to take place now that the season is upon us.

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