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Soap Making in Iraq: Stage 2

After spending a fun-filled week with our "child designers" (see here), we set up 12 animals to be placed inside different combinations of transparent soap and we began production.

The orignal plan had been to carry two 3D printers with us into Iraq, but at the last minute, additional restrictions due to the closure of Kurdistan’s international airspace made that impossible, and plan B was born.

Field Ready has a wide network of makers in different locations, and with additional local knowledge of our Iraqi engineers and Save the Children local staff, we had a mini-network of makers we could distribute design files to for the chosen animals.

After the toys were printed and the soaps were completed, the next stage was the trial of 40 houses with our soaps, carried out by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Watch this space to hear more about the soap distribution and outcomes.

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