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Vanuatu Plastics Recycling

Field Ready, including engineer Abi Bush and Luke Johnson, our new Innovation Advisor in the Pacific, has been spending the past few weeks in Vanuatu looking into plastic recycling opportunities as part of the Australian Humanitarian Partnership. Vanuatu is still a developing country; thus the impact of poor waste collection is rampant. Litter has not been disposed of properly, and can be found in water sources, roads, public areas and poses environmental and public health risks.

Vanuatu has rich biodiversity and is trying to prioritize the preservation of the natural environment. While Vanuatu aims to reduce waste and increase recycling, Field Ready plans to use some of the garbage to make useful items.

On the assessment, our team completed research in a variety of settings. They visited a local dump in Port Vila, as well as looked at roadside garbage to determine the scale of the plastic waste issue and also visited Azure, a water bottling plant.

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