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Solar Bottle Lights for a Classroom in Zaatari Village

Field Ready arrived at the host community of Zaatari Village to set up a classroom of solar bottles. The room was made from mud and dirt and we installed the bottles into the foundation of the walls. The team brought bottles and bleach to place bottle lights into the holes present in the roof top. Some holes at the roof tops were big and some were small, big holes were filled with 2.5 litres bottles and small holes were filled by 1.5 liter bottles. Before placing the bottles, they were filled with bleach and water. Once the bottles were placed, the gaps between the wall and the bottle were filled with silicon, in order to protect water from entering.

After putting all the bottles we checked the room it was not as bright as we hoped. The reflection of the green colored bottles was better than the reflection coming from the transparent bottles. Therefore, we plan to use green bottles to improve the light quality in the future.

The desisn was based off of Aldredo Moser, who developed the solar bottle light in Brazil. Moser was trying to find alternative ways to electrical lights while Brazil was in an energy crisis, this this design came to fruition. We are eager to see this innovation used in different contexts in Jordan.

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