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Zaatari Village Site Visit

Field Ready was recently on an assessment in Zaatari village, Jordan which is around 20km from the Syrian Border. Just a mere few kilometers from the village is Zaatari refugee camp, the largest Syrian camp in the world with approximately 80,000 inhabitants.

With lack of opportunities in the camp many people choose to leave and settle in the village with the hopes of building a better life. However, this is incredibly difficult because those outside of the camp are not given the same resources, so they lack basic necessities such as food, water, electricity and even at times shelter.

On November 13, 2017 Field Ready’s program was to deliver materials to the village for future missions (wood & plastic bottles), make a plastic sheet from plastic bags to cover the water hole with it (to remove the bad smell) and to find out what the community needs to be built from the delivered materials.

We were informed that the water filter was no longer properly working and were able to fix the existing water filter, which is used predominately for agricultural purposes. We discussed with the community what they needed, and they informed is that they needed us to equip a school with benches, a table for the teachers and a fence around the school. We took the necessary measurements and left to devise a plan. We headed back to Amma

n, and will return shortly to begin to build and implement resources to help the school.

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