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Exponential Medicine Conference

Field Ready's Dara Dotz recently spoke at the Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego, California. The conference is an immersive, hands-on program focused on the implications of breakthrough developments and brings together specialists in an array of fields, from biopharma to innovators. On November 6th, Dara spoke on additive manufacturing for the medical sector.

Dara also led a breakout session where she explained how we use this technology (and others) in the field. She discussed with healthcare professionals how they can go about implementing this model with the help of Field Ready to locally manufacture items that medical professionals would need in their communities. Field Ready is working hard to empower the medical community to locally make items that are needed, from maker spaces to equip hospitals, to making items wherever they are needed.

We are eager to see how we can continue to collaborate with and impact the medical community.

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