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Field Ready in Vanuatu for the Australian Humanitarian Partnership

As part of our on-going assessment as part of the AHP, the next country we visited was Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a small nation made up of roughly 80 islands. In addition to cyclones it faces a great risk of volcano eruptions and earthquakes. While there is a private sector presence, manufacturing is less prevalent than in Fiji.

The needs determined were similar to those in Fiji such as basic aid items including, buckets, shelter kits, medical supplies etc. We also determined we can help Vanuatu by manufacturing hygiene kits, addressing water pollution mitigation, and brainstorming ideas for weather stations. There are many potential projects we have in mind for Vanuatu, and are prepared to work with the public and private sector to address the needs of affected communities.

Below is a demonstration from Vanuatu, where Field Ready showed local partners how to use some of our technology!

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